We Have a Show!

November 4, 2017


We have a show! Congratulations to our cast and crew of Comedy Tonight 2017 for a job well done. Opening weekend is almost to a close, but never fear:  week two begins next Thursday.


This year’s Comedy Tonight show features comedy plays written by two local playwrights. Opening our night was “Princess Party Smackdown” written by Don Zolidis specifically for our stage. This play follows six hired performers entertaining a spoiled seven-year-old’s party guests, while trying to work together and get through the day.  As chaos ensues, the performer's personalities clash.  Each performer tries to tell their side of the story while the kids throw out suggestions for more violence and craziness. In the end, all six performers make it through a little worse for wear, but intact and ready for the next gig. On a side note: we CSDCers want an Ooblox play!


Following “Princess Party Smackdown” was “Phredipus and the Greeks,” which was written by our very own resident director, Gwen Kandt.










In “Phredipus” we followed a literary scholar as she walked the audience through the beginning of the theatrical arts: Greek Theatre. We watched as the cast became the beloved chorus of old epic poetry and laughed as the Greek gods of Olympus interacted with the human mortals and heroes as the plot became more and more muddled. Though we laughed at the silliness of the plot devices invented by the Greeks, our scholarly friend reminded us that when we settle for finite gods, muddled chaos is as good as we can get...


At the end of the night, we enjoyed a full house and loads of laughs for all ages. Our cast and crew made it through tech week and opening night like champs. May God bless the cast and crew this coming week with much needed rest and energy for next weekend!


There are still tickets available for our Thursday, Friday and Saturday performances. Just go to our performances page here on our website, for tickets.  You don't want to miss this night of fun and exciting characters.  

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