How You Can Help Crystal Sea Drama Co.

Crystal Sea Drama Company(CSDC) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, that believes in excellence in artistry. Financially partnering with CSDC assures that quality, Christian, performing arts programs can be offered for many years to come.

Donation Levels

Donate to general needs of CSDC.  Choose from a variety of levels and benefits: 

Stage Hand                                               $20

Name listed in one show program


Manager                                                    $50

Name listed in all show programs

Name/business logo listed on Website


Designer                                                    $75

All benefits above plus:

Two snack bar vouchers


Director                                                    $120*

All benefits as above, plus:

Voucher for one ticket to a performance


Producer                                                  $240*

All benefits above, plus:

Voucher for two tickets to a performance

One CSDC t-shirt (available in fall only)


Aficionado                                              $480*

All benefits  above, plus:

Two additional tickets to one performance

Four reserved seats at one Performance


 Patron                                                     $960*

All benefits  above, plus:

Quarter page ad listed in all programs


Benefactor (or Corporate)           $1800+*

All benefits as above, plus:

Half-page ad in spring program

*These can be paid in monthly installments.

CONTACT: to set this up



Donate to meet a specific need at CSDC

Show Sponsor                                         $1000

This covers the production expenses for one show including, but not limited to: set design, costuming, and supplies. Your name/business will appear prominently in the program as that show’s sponsor. Plus all the benefits of the Patron Donor level


Sponsor a Student                                  $400

This covers the cost of tuition and fees for one student (for one semester or camp) who might otherwise not be able to attend, due to financial need.   Plus all the benefits of the Producer Donor level


Cast/Crew rehearsal meal                 $150

Dress rehearsal dinner expenses will be covered by this sponsorship. Plus all the benefits of  the Director Donor level.

Sponsor a Performance                       $120

Help offset the expenses to present one afternoon or evening performance.  Your name/business will appear prominently on the show program as that performance’s sponsor. Plus all the benefits of the Director Donor level


Sponsorships will be acknowledged in applicable show programs, and online, unless you prefer anonymity. 


Custom amount