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Improv for Adults!

For adults who have thought about taking improv but not quite sure what to expect. 


This 5-week class will teach you the basics of improv in a safe non-judgmental zone where you will be encouraged to be yourself and have fun doing it.


Explore the benefits of improv both on and off the stage. 


We'll teach you "real life" tools that you can use both in your personal and professional lives including (but not limited to) active listening, collaboration, agreement, self exploration . . . all while having fun!!


Does this sound like something you want to try but you're still not quite sure??


 You're in luck then -- your first class is on us. That's right! July 29th is the first class, and we encourage you to come try it with no obligation. Try it for free: if you hate it, you owe nothing! However, if you love it (and we expect you will), sign up for the next four weeks for only $150. 


Classes meet from 7-9 pm on Thursdays July 29th- August 26th.

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