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Treasure of Castle Siekfurst

The Treasure of Castle Siekfurst

Last weekend, Crystal Sea Drama Company presented their first play of the season, “The Treasure of Castle Siekfurst,” written and directed by Gwen Kandt. Better yet, they’ll be performing again this Friday and Saturday! So far, it’s been a huge success! They sold out on Friday night, and it was almost full on Saturday. If I were you, I’d reserve my tickets fast for next weekend!

The play is a family-friendly comedy inspired by the Clue Board game. It’s full of silly and witty jokes. They have a cast of about fifteen actors, about six techies, one great director, a couple costumers, and a bunch of others! There are even a few actors who have never acted at CSDC before, and they have impressed many of us. Even though they had less than five weeks to work on this play, it came together beautifully!

The whole process has been a fun time; every rehearsal is full of laughs. As an actor in this play, I’ve been personally involved and I have to say that everyone in it has put a lot of work into it. I love the costumes, I love the sets, and I especially love all the funny things we do in the show.

Unfortunately, they’ve had a lot of setbacks while putting this show together. Everything from adding new actors to dealing with unhealthy actors during a performance! In fact, during the performance on Saturday, September 17th, they had one actor about to lose his voice, and one actor that was just starting to regain her voice! (Okay, okay, that was me.)

The cast and crew have all worked hard to make this show happen. That’s what is great about theater, especially CSDC. Working together as a team is essential for the cast and crew to make the show the best it can be. You have to learn to encourage each other, build one another up, accept one another, and learn from one another. Also, you often make some good friends and great memories along the way.

I think that many of the cast and crew realize that God has His hand over them during this show. The performance is meant to honor Him, and I think that, despite every difficulty, they really do that with this play.

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