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Want to help your kid grow in confidence? Relieve some stress? Learn to listen and work together with others?

We have a solution for you: sign them up to learn Improv!

Most people are familiar with improvisation from watching shows like “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” It looks challenging . . . and maybe a little scary. But our kids will tell you it is a great time! More than that, it’s an activity that cultivates valuable skills in those learning the art.

“Improv builds confidence in kids because they are in a supportive community that accepts ideas,” explains Mike Dannelly, improvisation instructor. “The first rule is your partner has to say ‘yes’ to whatever idea you put out there, and then they help you develop your idea. It encourages creativity and develops listening skills and different communication styles.”

And even though it may look nerve-wracking to us novices watching a performance, it is actually a great means for bringing play into the lives of stressed-out students. “So many young people have so much pressure to succeed in studies,” says Mike. “Improv develops the ability to contribute positively to ideas and be open other the contributions of others rather than shutting down different points of view.

“Plus, it’s just plain fun!”

Improv has been a part of Crystal Sea’s DNA for many years. Our “Imps” troupe was launched by students in the summer of 2012 as a fundraiser for the theater and has grown and evolved ever since. The troupe members, who audition to join the group, perform regularly on CSDC’s stage, often accompanied by students from the Thursday class (the “implings”). Their performances are always a delight: full of laughs, creativity, and lots of audience participation.

Come and see for yourself! CSDC’s next “Spotlight Improv” performance is Sunday, January 23 at 5pm. Tickets are available here. Don’t miss it!


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