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Boo! Hiss! Aw . . . Yay!

When was the last time you got to actually cheer out loud for the hero on a stage – or throw popcorn at the villain? Crystal Sea is thrilled to meet that need for you . . . at our summer production of A Night of Melodrama!

“Good vs. evil – that’s what melodrama is all about,” CSDC Executive Director Irene Miller reminds us. “Doing this form of theatre reminds us that God is good, and good always overcomes evil. It’s a picture of the gospel – Jesus coming to save us.”

Fifteen student actors are spending two weeks at Melodrama camp preparing two traditional melodramas and many “olio” performances to be sprinkled throughout the night – songs, skits, mimes, and even a couple of audience singalongs.

It’s a new and fun genre for most of them. “I like playing narcissistic characters – they’re a lot of fun!” says Mason, the hero character in Yes, Yes, A Thousand Times Yes.

Kenzie, who plays the circus owner in Saved By the Serendipity Circus is also enjoying the new style. “I like how cartoony melodramas are. I am able to go over the top and not worry about being too cartoony for ‘real-life theatre’.”

Director Robert Gonzalez sees great value in the training the students are getting at CSDC’s summer camp. “I enjoy directing melodramas because I like the overexaggerated comedy. It’s great to help the kids find ways to incorporate a lot of movement into their acting and find creative ways to be larger than life.”

Join us for Yes, Yes, A Thousand Times Yes and Saved By the Serendipity Circus, July 22nd and 23rd at Crystal Sea Drama Company. Seating is limited, so don't wait to reserve a spot . . . and we'll provide the popcorn for throwing. :)


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