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Techs are some of the most hardworking but underappreciated people in the theater! These shows wouldn’t be able to happen if it weren’t for all the individuals building sets, running lights, running sound, and so much more. Since there is always a huge need in the performing arts for people with technical theater knowledge, Crystal Sea offers a Technical Theatre class for students every Monday afternoon.

The Technical Theatre Class is taught by Zac McIlvain, with the help of his younger sister, Kadie. As a senior in high school, Zac has had about 6 years of experience in technical theater. In addition to other skills, he teaches his students how to build sets, use shop tools, operate light boards and run sound boards. Kadie specializes in teaching about hair, makeup, and props. During this semester, the students will be putting their new tech skills to use by working on some of Crystal Sea’s upcoming shows, such as, “Much Ado About Nothing,” and “Wemmicksville.”

Students join the Technical Theatre Class for a variety of different reasons. Some students were intrigued by the theatrical process and wanted to see how the shows came together behind the scenes. Others had the desire to be involved in the performing arts, but did not have a passion for acting, so they tried out the technical side. There are also many different things that the students enjoy about the class. They enjoy getting to know their classmates, as well as having a place to express their creativity. In fact, many people do not realize how much creativity you can really put into a performance even when you’re not the one on stage. Technical Theatre also encourages hard work and discipline in their students.

In general, the Technical Theatre class gives students an opportunity to meet others, have fun, grow as an individual and learn skills that they can use for the rest of their life! Crystal Sea is extremely happy to have this class and the students are eager to welcome in even more classmates!

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