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Last week, Crystal Sea Drama Company had auditions for their spring production, Byline: Amanda Danger. After a good amount of preparation, the actors were able to really impress those watching. At Crystal Sea, they take auditions very seriously. The students are taught the basics of auditioning and what they need to know for auditioning in more professional circumstances.

For their audition, students were asked to dress nicely. Most of the girls came in dresses or skirts, while many of guys wore button down shirts and ties. The students are also taught how to make a resume, and what makes a good headshot. They were required to bring both a resume and headshot to their audition.

Although the theater often varies in the way they conduct their auditions, this time each actor was required to memorize a monologue (30-60 seconds) and perform it in front of the director and the audition panel. However, before their audition, they were taught how to pick a good monologue for a particular audition. Students learned things such as how to pick a monologue that was right for their age and a monologue in the same style as the play for which they are auditioning. This year’s production is a noir/comedic action-adventure that takes place in the 1940s, so students were advised to pick a monologue from a modern comedy, or at least something close to the genre of the play.

Another skill that the students were taught is called slating. Before an audition, it is beneficial to slate, or in other words greet the audience, stating your name and the monologue you will be performing. This can be almost as important as your monologue itself, because it shows the director that you can be friendly as well as professional.

It was amazing how these students, some with very little acting experience, were able to show up to these auditions prepared and appearing professional. The teachers at Crystal Sea know how important auditioning skills are for an actor, so in the production class, they make it a priority to teach all the basics to the students. Because of this, the auditions last week went very well! Congratulations to the entire cast!

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