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Art Classes

Crystal Sea Drama Company is more than just a place to perform. They want to give their students the opportunity to develop many different skills that can be used in the theater. One of these useful and enjoyable skills is art!

CSDC offers an Elementary Art class at 9:30am to 10:30am on Thursday mornings, and Middle School Art meets right after that from 10:30am to 11:30am, weekly! Painting, drawing, understanding perspective, and layering colors and materials are just some of the skills that students are taught in Crystal Sea’s art class. Currently, the Middle School Art class is learning about water color painting, and the Elementary Art class students are getting into the spirit of fall by constructing paper mache pumpkins.

Both of these art classes are taught by Sarah Palmer, our newest teacher at CSDC. She began teaching at CSDC at the beginning of the semester but she is already winning the hearts of her students. They all describe her as comical, nice, and especially fun!

Although each of the students already had a love for art before they started the class, but they have already learned so much and had a lot of fun while doing so. Some of the students say that creating art is relaxing and a huge stress reliever, while others find that is gives them energy and excites them. However, there is one thing that all the students agree on. They can’t wait to welcome more people into their class so that they can show them how fun art is, too!

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