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Wemmicksville and Painting with a Twist

Crystal Sea Drama Company sure has been busy lately! To start, Wemmicksville was performed last weekend on November 4th and 5th. Most of the performers in the production were relatively new to acting, but they were thrilled to show everyone what they’ve been working so hard on!

Wemmicksville is a one-act children’s theatre production, written by Gwen Kandt, adapted from stories by Max Lucado. Gwen Kandt also directed the play and is proud of her students! As an added bonus, the Imps Troupe at CSDC performed at the beginning of the show. The Imps specialize in improvisational theater skills and enjoy making their audience laugh with their games and scenes.

This production was put on by the students in Crystal Sea’s new Theatre Techniques Performance Class. This class just started this year and meets every Monday from 4:00pm to 6:30pm. It includes students in late elementary through high school. They are extremely excited that they were given the opportunity to put on a special performance of Wemmicksville for San Antonio Christian School students. This final show for the SACS students will be on Monday, November 14th. Many individuals at CSDC will be assisting on Monday to make it a fun and educational event.

After their performances of Wemmicksville and performing in Crystal Sea’s Showcase, the students get a break before the next semester begins and they work on their next play, Come to the River, written and directed by Gwen Kandt. New students are welcome to join!

Aside from the school performance, CSDC is also looking forward to their Painting with a Twist fundraiser on Sunday, November 13th! From 2pm-4pm, you can join CSDC at Painting with a Twist and leave with a wonderful picture that you painted yourself! 50% of the proceeds go to support Crystal Sea Drama Company. There will even be cheesecake!

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