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25 until Show Starts

Hello CSDCers and theatre maniacs alike. If you don’t know me by now, that’s cool. My name is Tera, and I’m your new marketing intern/causer of internet mayhem. Part of my job here at CSDC is to post daily info on Facebook and soon Instagram; the other part is to post here on the weekly blog.

So, a bit of history about us first: as of this coming school year, we will be on our 15th year of teaching and producing theatre shows. Now that’s a lot of shows done. I’ve had the privilege to be a part of three season's worth. My first official show was "Godspell" 2014, the spring show of that year. This coming spring show, "To See the Stars" 2018, will mark my fourth year with CSDC and the start of our 16th year of teaching. A lot has changed in between those years, both good and not so good. We’ve seen loss, and we’ve seen tremendous triumph with our students and staff. God has been faithful to us even in our tough times, and has proven Himself more powerful than our times of trial.

As of right now, we are gearing up for our next school year. We have new teachers and returning ones. We have new students and veterans in our shows this year. Our directors have comedies and dramas lined up all year, and each is sure to shine. This will be an exciting year with several new shows being written for us, as well as old favorites that will make a splash. So get ready 2017/2018 students, it’s 25 ‘til places and start of the show!

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