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Our Semester so far...

Hello there maniacs! It’s Theatre Thursday once again. Since we’re about 10 days away from the beginning of out school year, I thought now would be a good time to set a basic events and theme schedule. I figured that would be helpful, ya know?

Starting on the 28th of this month, classes begin for Monday Production and Tech. During this semester, each class will be participating in an original play called “Phredipus and the Greeks,” which is a spoof on Greek theatre.

This semester we are preparing “Princess Party Smackdown” as our fall intensive. Because this particular class is an intensive and not a normal Thursday/Monday production class, we're going to pair that class with our Monday class's performances to create our full Comedy Tonight show.

As for the Thursday classes, y’all start on the 31st. The Thursday Production class will begin work on our Spring show "To See the Stars" and the cast may get the chance to present a snippet from the play. Our fall Spotlight Showcase will feature performances from the Shakespeare Performance class, Elementary Theatre Arts, and Exploring Theatre class. Our Imps and Implings will also be performing a selection of games, showing the skills they will learn during the semester.

And of course, we can’t forget about the techs. Throughout the semester, those in each tech class will build and set the stages for "Phredipus and the Greeks" and "Princess Party Smack Down." For those who joined the Trebuchet class, y’all will be joining the Shakespeare class on November 7th at the Texas Renaissance Festival for the Trebuchet Competition.

To recap here are the dates for shows and classes we know thus far:

August 28 - Start of Monday classes

August 31 - Start of Thursday classes

November 3-4, 9-11 - Comedy Tonight 2017: “Princess Party Smackdown” & “Phredipus and the Greeks”

November 6-7 – Texas Renaissance Festival Competition

November 17 - Spotlight performance

Whew! That was a lot of info. Now on to part two.

My hope for this blog is to post new info, along with encouragement and shout outs to our amazing casts, crews, students, and volunteers. Throughout the year I’m hoping to have a rotation of topics every month for actors, techs and general theatre stuff, along with spotlights on what’s happening around the studio. God has blessed us this year with tons of new families and returning faces. I can’t wait to see what He’ll do throughout our course. ‘Til next time maniacs!

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