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Prayer of Thanks

Good afternoon CSDCers! Well, it is official. This week marks the end of the first month of classes. Can you believe that? We have officially made it through the first five weeks of rehearsals, and classes and building days. And what a month it has been.

We already have our November show in the works with more and more being blocked and built. Our Shakespeare team and Trebuchet team are also hard at work getting ready for their respective competitions in early November. And our Thursday production class is gearing up for their auditions day coming up.

With everything that is going on now, and much like the beginning of the year, I wanted to offer a prayer of thanks for us to our Father in Heaven for blessing our time this past month with productive rehearsals and friends that have begun to blossom.

Father God,

Today on the closing day of our first month, we want to thank you for looking with favor on our days of work. You have given every teacher and student helper the ability and love for a beautiful gift; the gift of creating. You were our first Creator and Designer, and now you have given us the mirrored version to create in Your Name, amazing works of talent in forms of performance and actual physically built objects pieces.

Today we also thank You for the dedicated students You have brought to us. We know we only can have a shows and classes if there are people willing to come. So we thank You for the our amazing families, both returning and new.

We earnestly pray for You to inspire in us the want to do great work in our upcoming competitions and shows. Everything we do at CSDC is for Your glory and honor. We thank You for Your favor and pray that You will continue to took on Your children with love

In Your great name,


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