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Not Unbeatable...

Good afternoon CSDCers! Welcome to the first week of October. We are officially done with 3/4 of the year. Can y’all believe that? Though we’re not officially in Fall, we have started to see cooler days for us Texans and we’re also almost to the holiday season. Yay!

So, all of this combined together also means we are coming close to our first set of shows. I know I’ve already talked about this, but now I want to devote a blog to what will be happening in the next few weeks and important things to remember.

With “Princess Party Smackdown” and “Phedipus and the Greeks” coming together from a tech perspective as well as an acting perspective, it’s time to keep time. Let me say it this way: keeping track of rehearsal dates, school days, and any other important evens that may not be related to CSDC is very important now that its crunch time for a lot of you in CSDC.

In the next several weeks, Comedy Tonight will begin tech week before opening on the 3 and 4 of November. Then the very next week will be going to Ren Fair to compete in several competitions before opening the last weekend of Comedy Tonight. Whew! Even thinking about the first two weeks of November wears me out.

After Comedy tonight we have only a few more classes before the end of Fall semester. And… then… we… have… CHRISTMAS! Sorry, didn’t mean to yell. While I love Christmas I also work retail alongside this job, so Christmas comes with mixed feelings. All in all, these next three months will be filled with a crazy amount of events and other holidays. Keeping time and staying healthy is vital now.

Something that has kept me calm in these last few days of dealing with hectic schedules is the knowledge that God is still in control, even during the difficult times. Even though these next weeks will begin the holiday season, a little early in my opinion, these weeks will be major fun for all of those in Comedy Tonight and Shakespeare.

So in these next few weeks, keeping work hard and keeping up your spirit. And know God has put you at CSDC for reason, So don’t let the stress scare you; life will be difficult but not unbeatable.

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