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Ren Fair Results!

In November, CSDC went to the Texas Renaissance Fair to compete in their School Days' competitions. We have been competing at this fair for several years. This year, we competed in monologue, duet, and group scenes, along with costuming, trebuchet, and poetry. Nineteen students competed alone or in groups over two days. When not involved in competitions, our students and chaperones were able to enjoy the Fair.Here are the official results and some fun little side notes that most people may not know about our competition. So without further ado…On the first day, thirteen students competed in monologues, duet, and group scenes. Some of our student competed in two categories. We won 1st place and 3rd place in high school monologues, 3rd place in high school duet scenes, and 3rd place in middle school monologues. The high school duet scene that placed was actually made up of a high school student and a middle school student. Scenes are placed in the category that corresponds with the oldest student.​​Our director was very pleased with all of our students' performances. Everyone did their personal best! In addition to the acting events, one of our students competed in the Costume competition. Students must do over 50% of the work in designing and sewing their costumes, along with putting together a portfolio. This student won first place!​​

On day two, our Trebuchet team, made up of five students, competed in the Renaissance Trebuchet competition. In all, we had three shots: 1 ft, 88 ft, and 73 ft. We placed in 2nd in the high school division, with several of the team members being middle schoolers. We had two girls compete in the costuming competition on the second day. Both made it to the finals, and one won the 1st place award for costuming. A special moment came when one of our seniors, Grace, took a picture with the King and the Royal Court. Grace has won the most awards of any student ever at Texas Renaissance Festival. I think her final total was 13! She is on the front of the Student Days' brochure for 2018!

On a side note, usually Ren Fair is either blisteringly hot and muggy, or wet and freezing cold. This year we had both! The first day was hot, and the second day was cold. We were highly blessed with several wins, but also with a group of students who displayed excellent sportsmanship. They represented CSDC, homeschoolers, and God with integrity, and we couldn’t be more proud of them.

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