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Why Do-Overs?

The idea came to me while I was watching the CSDC Imps perform.

They have a game called “New Choice.” Two actors begin a scene, and then the troupe leader randomly will call out, “New Choice!” . . . and an actor has to change the last thing they said or did. It’s a fun game to watch (as are all the Imps games). And it got me thinking.

How many times in my life would I have LOVED for someone to call out “New Choice!” and give me a do-over? That thing I just said . . . good heavens! What was I thinking? Let me try that one more time . . .

That look I just gave someone . . . why did I do that? “New Choice!” Thank you, God . . .

The thing is, we don’t ever really know the consequences that will play out from the different choices – small and large – that we make in life. But sometimes a small decision (Burger or crawfish? Answer that call or let it go to voicemail?) can make a big difference in our future.

And that’s where the play “Do-Overs” came from. It’s not necessarily about right and wrong choices because, again, we don’t always know the consequences of our choices. But there are principles we can apply to our decisions: we can choose to choose kindness, and community, and honesty, and generosity. And we can have confidence in the fact that God is sovereign over all . . . even the consequences of our well-intended but uninformed choices.

Join us March 22-25 to watch the patrons of Pappa Jeaux’s get a multitude of second chances, and see how they all play out. (And as a bonus, you get to watch the talented Imps troupe play “New Choice!”)

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