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Changes at the studio!

CSDC’s current studio started out as an archery range and warehouse called The Bow Shop. We signed our lease in July, 2009, and had about a month to get the building ready before we started classes. We added walls to make our office, waiting rooms, classrooms, and the theatre area. Our students added verses to the doorframes as we did the construction. Even our youngest students helped out by scraping paint. We moved our shed from its original location at Grace Point Church to our current parking lot. Our art teacher painted our beautiful sign out in front of the building. Many former and current students and parents pitched in, and with their help, we were ready to open on time!

Over the next few years our building was serviceable, but not very pretty. In 2011, we asked one of the moms if she’d be willing to put together a lobby display for the show we were working on. She said she’d rather redo the lobby altogether. It turns out that she was an interior decorator. We told her to go for it, and she did. It looked so wonderful once she finished!

A couple of years ago, we finally were able to change out the old, nasty carpet. While we were doing that, we decided that we might as well repaint, since the walls were looking a bit shabby. So we updated the two waiting areas and added the new carpet. Every year, we were having to re-paint our sign, so last year, we had Expertees Printing make a gorgeous sign that doesn't need repainting. Our most recent update was to redo our stage and to add audience risers. The response to those changes has been unanimously positive, as everyone has loved the updates.

We continue to improve our facilities, so that we can provide high quality theatre experiences for our students and our audiences alike. Alumni and former students, if you’d like to see our updated spaces, we will have a tour of the building on May 12, at our CSDC 15th Reunion. Sign up for that and our other Reunion events at If you’ve never attended a show at Crystal Sea, we hope you will consider coming and seeing what we have to offer!

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