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From the Photographer's Perspective

I have had the honor of photographing CSDC students for several years now. Photographing actors is wonderful! They are innately entertaining, full of personality and display passion for what they do. When I am able to capture those things through my lens, the result is a truly striking photo.

One of my favorite aspects of being a photographer for CSDC is the privilege of watching characters develop over time. From early rehearsals to the final dress rehearsal, the characters unfold in amazing ways. For example, the photo below of Christopher is one of my favorites. These photos give you a glimpse of how the character, he masterfully portrayed, developed over time.

I have also had the opportunity to photograph the students outside of the theater to promote their shows. I love taking them to a location that reflects the show they are working on. It stretches me as a photographer in many ways. I try to find locations that fit the number of actors participating as well as a place that supports what they wish to portray through their characters.

There is also the general public to consider and how to navigate the potential crowds. The promotional pictures for The Mikado were taken at the San Antonio Japanese Tea Garden. The garden was far busier that day than I expected and given the incredible makeup and costumes our actors were wearing they were stopped by onlookers from the moment they stepped out of their cars. Inside the garden they were stopped constantly by people asking for pictures and information about what the students were doing and where they would be performing. The students were amazing and handled the crowds with ease. The excitement they created was absolutely wonderful and I was so very proud of all of them.

The location featured below is from our most recent photo shoot at the Pearl for To See the Stars. This location was not busy the day we went, however the students did still manage to create quite a stir! Local businesses as well as the police asked what the students were protesting. One business asked if they were protesting milk since we first set up in front of Lick Ice Cream. The students were very professional and used the opportunity to inform others about the play and CSDC.

I treasure this time with your students, thank you for sharing them with me. I hope that you enjoy the moments I have been fortunate enough to capture of them doing what they love!

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