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Saying Goodbye to the Seniors

One of the hardest things every year is having our seniors graduate. This year was especially rough, because we had ten seniors who graduated! We always miss those who are gone. Over the years we’ve had so many wonderful students! One thing about theatre is that many times you become like family. It’s such a privilege to work with the amazing kids that we have in CSDC and to get to have an influence on their life.

In the 15 years that CSDC has been in existence, we’ve had many students come through our program. A lot of our original students are now married and have children of their own. Sooner or later I bet we’ll have a student who is a child of one of our former students - that will make me feel old! Lol.

A number of our students have gone on to do theatre professionally. We’ve had our alumni become professional actors, stage managers, wardrobe mistress, prop master, assistant technical director, and teachers. Of our students that graduated this year, we have a number who are going to major in theatre, or who are going out and starting their professional career.

It’s been a blessing to share my passion with all of the wonderful students who have come and gone throughout the years. I’m grateful that I still am in contact with many of them!

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