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Our New Year Prayer

Good afternoon theatre manias and CSDCers. We are three days away from the start of Monday classes and one week away from Thursday classes starting. This is an exciting year since it's not only our 15th year in business, but also a year where we pull long remembered favorites from our show log. And with our new teachers bringing their unique talents to our Studio, this is for sure going to be a blessed year.

So for this blog post, I wanted to offer a prayer of provision for our staff, students, and volunteers, so that we may know that our God is not just backstage, but also center stage.

To our Father in Heaven,

We ask that may this year be blessed and may our time be wholly given to You. We pray that You continue to use those who step up as teachers and student interns in amazing ways that prove not just to them but to others that You are the One who has gifted us with these talents.

As our Sustainer, You have shaped us so that we may work with our individual talents for Your glory alone to better this place we call our theatre home. You have sustained our founders for years and helped grow them not just in theatre but as Your children as well.

Thank you for giving us the ability to do theatre as way to honor and express ourselves for You. Thank you for raising up the people who were needed and guiding them though our teachers and staff.

Lord, let CSDC be a place of renewal for the kids who come to learn. We ask that You continue to sustain our space as a place of friendship and of refuge and we ask that Your presence may fill our stage and studio as we begin our year.

We pray that when we need guidance or peace, that You may give it to in abundance so that it may then pour out over our students. Lord we ask that in everything we do, may Your light shine on our students and families.

In Your great and wonderful name,


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