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A Prayer of Reverence

Good Afternoon CSDCers!

I hope today is going well for everyone and I hope y’all are enjoying these beautiful fall temperatures. These past couple of weeks have been filled with crazy rehearsals and crazy weather days. With this new season change, we grow closer to our first show, Comedy Tonight. This show will feature two one acts never before seen by our audiences.

Our Shakespeare class and Trebuchet class will also be going to the Texas Ren Fair in ten days to compete against other Texas schools, some of which are not homeschooled. This will be an exciting next two weeks.

So as with these next few weeks, we wanted to offer a prayer for our students who are about to open with their first show, and who are busy building and refining their competition pieces.

Dear Lord our Father,

We thank You for these past few months of productive work and progress. You have given our students amazing opportunities and favor with their classes. You have taken them though the first trials of theatre life and blessed them with the ability to learn in roles that will challenge them for the better. They have learned the importance of management and artistic expression with You in mind.

Next Monday we will start the dress rehearsal process for a brand-new show we have never done before. Some of kids have never done a show in their life, so we pray for Your guidance and grace this next week. We pray that we keep You front and center, and that we remember that everything we do is for Your glory.

In ten days, we will go to compete against other schools and performers that may not know You. We pray that while we are away from our homes and studio, we honor you with our words and actions. We also pray for Your will first not ours in our competitions and that they show Your glory first not ours.

We love and thank You for sustaining us these past 15 years of our doors being open. We dedicate our season and our first show to You and You alone.


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